Democrats advocate personal freedom but legislate economic equality. Republicans advocate economic freedom but legislate personal morality. Libertarians advocate both personal freedom and economic freedom, and so we don't fit on the one-dimensional Left/Right spectrum. We are neither liberal nor conservative, because we defend both civil liberties and free markets.

Thus Libertarians are the principled fusion of Left and Right. Libertarians trust you to make choices about your own money and your own body. Libertarians are pro-choice on everything. We are the only party that wants to legislate neither personal morality nor economic equality. We want the Republicans out of your bedroom and the Democrats out of your wallet.

What is the difference between personal and economic liberty?

Economic liberty is freedom from coercion against one's property or access to unowned resources. Personal liberty is freedom from coercion against one's body, expression, or non-commercial associations. The Libertarian Party Platform gives a detailed enumeration of our personal and economic liberties, along with a separate section discussing where the Party stands on issues of franchise, representative government, and the relationship of a free society to the rest of the world:

Personal Liberty Economic Liberty Securing Liberty
Expression and Communication Property and Contract National Defense
Personal Privacy Environment and Resources Internal Security and Individual Rights
Personal Relationships Government Finance and Spending International Affairs
Abortion Money and Financial Markets Free Trade and Migration
Crime and Justice Monopolies and Corporations Rights and Discrimination
Self-Defense Labor Markets Representative Government
Education and Health Care Self-Determination
Retirement and Income Security

Vote Libertarian, and win a free country

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